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Dance Dance Revolution

Well, Sassy pants is officially a dancer.

She loves to wear her leotard and tap shoes.

And she LOVES to dance.

Especially to TAP dance

She likes ballet too, but really she likes to tap a lot

Her first class was interesting.

This is her sitting still, but really that didn't happen a lot the first class.
Because she didn't know what to expect, she had a hard time staying focused.

Half the class is ballet and half is tap.

This is LK changing into her tap shoes after ballet.

The second and third classes went much better.

Now that we knew what to expect, she did a much better job of following directions and staying focused on the task at hand.

Every week only increases her love to dance.

It makes me so happy and I can't wait for her recital in May.


  1. When in May?? I so want to come! (that seems forever away)

  2. I'm not sure what the date will be yet! I'll let you know for sure!