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Finally 3 and letting go....

If you saw my facebook yesterday, you saw this post:

LK's rendition of The Beauty of the Cross (her current favorite song): "....The beauty of the cross is that I'm finally THREE (free) and letting go!" ....fitting. 

Here's a video of Jeff Johnson singing this song. (you might want to pause the playlist at the bottom of the page if you want to listen :)

Well, it's true. It is her favorite song. And she really does sing the line, "I'm finally THREE and letting go". 

I think she lives this with true conviction. She is three and she is letting go. And let me just tell you, that is not so easy on the mama. 

I've said before that this is by far the hardest age so far. Three. 

Sassy Pants is full of it (you name and she is full of it). She is defiant, hyper, happy, sassy, sassy, sassy, dramatic, sensitive, fearful, hilarious, brilliant, witty, cunning, imaginative, manipulative, excited, loving, did I mention sassy?

The above list is exhausting!  It is really hard to not let the bad out-weigh the good right now. As a mom, I'm trying to find the fine line of breaking the defiance without breaking her dreams. There are so many wonderful parts to this age but the fits, defiance and drama are enough to have me begging for a difference when she turns 4.

I want her to be a dreamer, I love that her imagination explodes every 5 minutes, and I desire for her to be a leader. But most of all, I want her to be a lover of Jesus. Every day I pray that she would KNOW him and LOVE him and SERVE him. 

....One thing is for sure: all day, every day, the sasster and I both need HIM. 

....Another thing is for sure: My sweet, laid-back, cuddly, snuggle squishy little moose is never going to be 3 and letting go. I just can't have it... mkay? mkay.

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