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A Saturday List

1. I called it "A Saturday List" because it's a list written on..... (wait for it) ......Saturday.

2. I'm not 100% sure, but pretty sure my little moose weighs over 20lbs (we'll find out for sure on Monday)

3.  I made homemade baby food this weekend: Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, and Carrots. (He's already been eating bananas, avacado, and apples!)

4. Call me crunchy, but I actually liked serving my sweet boy in this way! It was refreshing knowing EXACTLY what he is going to eat, it turned out to be really easy, and it saved lots of moolah!

5. I also made homemade baby wipes. My SIL (sister-in-law) had some given to her that I saw this past weekend but I found the same recipe online here. They smell so good and I think will work beautifully and the magic words: will save me some moolah!!

6. I was lazy today. I have laid in my bed multiple times today, snuggling with various family members, reading, and napping!!

7.  Shep loves, I mean loooves sweet potatoes! His favorite for sure by far.

8. Except for bananas. But bad things happen when you eat too many bananas. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me to talk about it.

9. Laura Kate told me yesterday that she "forgot her mind at Grammy's house". Maybe I'll call Grammy and see if she'll mail it back....she might need that.

10. My SBOAM loves watching football.

11. I love watching football.

12. Sassy Pants loves watching football (future cheerleader  - no doubt)

13. Little Moose loves watching football (future fullback, future retirement for his parents - no doubt)

14. I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream, iceball,  FOOTBALL!

15. The nurse at the pediatricians office told me that pear juice works the same as prune juice (diluted of course for babies under 2 years). Just a random fact. I'm pretty sure little moose still doesn't want me to talk about it.

16. I love to read.

17. SBOAM loves to read.

18. Sassy pants loves to read.

19. Little Moose loves to read.

20. All together now: I scream, you scream....yeah yeah.

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