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A Halloween List

1. I call it a Halloween List because it's a list written on Halloween.

2.  I will do a separate post for the very very fun night we had tonight (if you were here tonight and took pictures, don't forget to send them to me!)

3. I feel like I've been lazy on the blog lately.

I've been blog lazy.


Sorry about that.

Hopefully it's not contagious.

4. Yesterday,  I stepped on a staple that was hiding in my rug. It went far into my heel. It seriously looks like I stapled my heel. It hurts so bad.

5. Boo

6. Hoo

7. I made this scarf last week. Turned out super cute!

I found the idea on Pinterest.
Here's the tutorial.

8. Shepherd got a haircut.

9. Laura Kate has started saying "Stop freaking out mommy" to me.

It's quite entertaining.

10. I made this cake in my crock pot. Two Words: Ah. Mazing.

11. I'll give you a teaser for my Halloween Post. This is my costume:

Get it? I'm the Red "C". The Red Sea. As in, Moses parted it.

(don't be confused by the picture, it was taken in the mirror so the C is backwards).

12. I might be having a post in the near future where I will eat some crow with a lot of my family and close friends.

I am seriously reconsidering a soap box of mine. It might shock you. Stay tuned just in case I decide to lower my pride.

13. I'm going against my very nature to end this list on an odd number.

But I feel like I need to. It's supposed to be. It is a Halloween list after all.

Isn't the number 13 like the mascot for Halloween?

Ok, I guess that would be a pumpkin.

But still.

It's only right.



  1. I made that same cake, but mine was GROSS! I didn't have any brown sugar, so Google told me to just use confectioner's sugar. Let me tell you, Google was WRONG!

  2. Oh no! That is not a good substitution. Try it with brown sugar. It was awesome!