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The not-so-Lazy Mom Challenge

Over on the Lazy Mom Blog, Stacey gave a challenge of no fast-food for the month of October. Crazy, I know. But the Wileys need to save some more money this month. We don't necessarily have a problem with eating an excessive amount of fast food (at least not since I learned to cook more than shake 'n bake and easy mac), but we are always up to a challenge, especially one that might save us some moolah! So, I talked to the SBOAM and we're in.

Here are our own rules:

1. No Food eaten from a place with a drive-through.


1. Date Night. If Kyle and I choose to eat at Rosa's (or other establishment with a drive-through) for date night and it involves us going inside, sitting down and eating for our date night, then it doesn't count.

2. An occasional Sonic Drink does not count. This is for two reasons: 1. We are taking this as a FOOD challenge. 2. I don't have a problem with spending gobs of money at Sonic. Once a week or so, I might pick up a coke.

**We may tweak our rules a bit, but these are the basic rules for the Wiley clan.

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