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Tender-Hearted Days

Since becoming a mom, I have experienced here and there what I like to call "tender-hearted days". What that means to me is that from time to time I feel an extra amount of tenderness towards one or both of my kids.

I feel that I am naturally a tender-hearted mom but what I am referring to is more of a stirring in my spirit towards my kids. An extra amount. More than the daily burden to pray for their salvation and their soul.

What those days generally look like for me:

-Typically triggered by something. Sometimes a worry or fear for them. Sometimes triggered by pride in an accomplishment. Sometimes it's just a glance in their direction.

-I am typically weepy about them all day. Most things that involve them even as little as someone mentioning their name, or common things like smiles and cries, make me tear up a little bit (or a lot).

-I am constantly burdened and reminded to pray for them. Some things are very broad (praying for their physical growth and development, praying for "teething" or for an obedient heart, etc....) while others are very very specific (that the Lord would protect their physical purity, that he would give them good verbal skills that they could from a young age accurately relay the Gospel, that they would pop a tooth through TODAY, or that they would specifically be protected from an ear infection, etc...) 

-I am overly protective and defensive of them. 

Today, I feel very tender towards my Shepherd boy. Already today I have felt and experienced all of the above list. I am trying to turn it all to prayer and praise and not worry or fear. Would you join me in praying for my Shepherd boy today?

What about you, do you have tender-hearted days?

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  1. Praying for you and little Shep! I definitely have tender hearted days, especially with the recent sickness that C has had! Love you friend and love those sweet kiddos of yours too!