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A Thankful List

7. I am thankful for my siblings. Great friends as kids and great friends as adults. People that I not only love but like.

8. Bubble Baths. Need I say more?

9. My Church. Providence Church. A place where I worship, fellowship, love, and grow. A place where I do life.http://insideprovidence.com

10. Redemption Groups. A place where I dig in and an opportunity to let the Lord work in ALL parts of my heart, in particular the really gross ones.

11. My home. Every day I thank the Lord for the incredible blessing of my home. Above and beyond what I ever imagined.

12. My car. The Lord answered many a claustrophobic prayer from inside my little bug with 2 kids and a stroller crammed next to me in the passenger seat with the blessing of our Aviator.

13. Vanilla Almond Tea. Thank you Lord for making vanilla, almonds, and tea leaves. And thank you for the person who first thought to combine them.

14. Our ministry at NEXT Worldwide. Daily we see the Lord provide for our needs. I am so thankful for ministry partners, staff and leadership, friends, and the amazing work we have been blessed to see the Lord accomplish.

15. My homegroup. Thankful the Lord has brought this group of people into my life for such a time as this to do life with.

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