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My Life is Forever Changed

My life was changed over the Christmas Break, and I am about to change some of yours. Seriously.

If you've read my side-bar profile under "The Mama", you will have read this:

I do not love: to eat, smell, or be around pickles, going to the dentist, when people don't use their turn indicators when driving, doing laundry, cleaning out my crock pot after queso, OR I'll just go ahead and say it....I do not love to Potty Train.

Well, my aunt walked in with a big pot of Queso and her large crock pot was [wait for it]......


with this:

Now. How many of you knew about these, have read my blog, know about my hatred for cleaning out my crock pot and NOT told me about this?? I just want you to leave a comment so I can take down your name. I am making a list so that when my self-cleaning, reclining, padded, bath tub is invented, I can make sure not to tell you. 

For the rest of you, YOU. ARE. WELCOME.

Maybe the most brilliant idea ever. From the whole world of crock-potters, Thank you Reynolds!


  1. O sorry friend!! I totally knew about those for a long time now!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They make my life so much easier!! Glad you can celebrate right along side me and not dread the nasty burned queso crock pot any longer!!

  2. Lol. I love these. Too bad they aren't super cheap :). But I do think its worth it!!I loathe cleaning the crockpot!