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#3, 14 Weeks

Baby #3 is 14 weeks along today!!

Apparently he/she is the size of my fist or a peach. A peach is bigger so I'm going with the peach.

Although I am BARELY showing. Like just a little pooch. I feel like this is very backwards. With Shep, I had a definite bump at 14 weeks. With Laura Kate I just felt fat all over.

Today I feel like it's a Hannah. Purely based on the fact/wivestale that my almost non-existent bump is more oblong than round. Who knows though.... I can already tell you that this little one is not going to fit in the mold of his/her sister or brother. Very  Very different this time around in all areas. Nothing like either one.

Sasster still very much wants a Hannah. SBOAM still thinks it's a Hannah. Moose still doesn't have a clue but if he did I think he might want a Fischer. Papa still thinks its a Fischer and while she is mostly reserving her opinion (believe it or not) I think Grammy thinks it's a Fischer.

Regardless, one thing is for sure....it's a BABY!

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