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#3, Week 15

"Sleep, no I never get enough. Always waking up tired."

Oh little Wiley #3, You are 15 weeks along. Time is zoooming along! This week you are the size of a beefsteak tomato. You have started "breathing" amniotic fluid which gives you some really early practice for those teeny tiny little lungs. You can also now sense light and pressure. That means I can rub my belly and you can feel it! Also according to my doctor, I can now start feeling you flutter and move. Apparently any flutters before this have been "intestinal movement". Let me just tell you that I know the difference between gas and baby flutters. One of my favorite things in the world is feeling you flutter in there. 

(Don't worry, that isn't mommy's hand. I'm not quite that wrinkly yet.) 

Mommy: Is very tired lately. This is probably still only partly your fault because I am still nursing your moose of a brother. This is going to end very very soon and then it will be mostly your fault that I am tired. But I'm hoping to have a little bit more energy.

SBOAD (Studly Beast Of A Daddy): Has been very busy with things at work this week and had a lot of meetings. I have no reservations that the favorite part of your day will be the same as your siblings: when your daddy walks in the door. He is so great about giving mommy a break (so she can make supper) and plays and reads with your sasster and brother. He is very encouraging about how you are growing even though it doesn't show very much on the outside. He loves mommy most of all.

Big Sasster: OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo buddy, it has been a week with your Sasster. She puts the Sass in Sasster. This has been a great reminder to pray that you will have a very laid back disposition. She still will come up to me almost every day and say "Mommy, I really want it to be baby Hannah". If you are Fischer, I promise she will love you more than you may even want (after a little while) (we're working on her).

Moose of a Brother: This week your big brother has not been feeling very well. I think he might be cutting a tooth. You just need to start preparing for that now. (I guess you probably are). 

We are all so excited to know if you are a Hannah or a Fischer. We are praying for you every day that God would save your soul, that he is creating you to be the perfect fit as our 3rd scout in our family. We are getting more and more excited about you and cannot wait to know you better!

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