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Buenas Noches

So the Sasster's bedtime routine has gotten a little out of control....especially when Kyle puts her to bed. Sometimes he is not out of there for 30 minutes. It's just one of those things that has gotten longer and longer and built and built. In addition to the length, she has gotten more of an attitude and more demanding about it which means more drama and fits since we don't just cave to her every whim.

Last night, we had both had enough. So we decided starting tonight we were going to change things.

Starting tonight we were going to have family worship time (read the Bible, sing a song, and pray), then put Moose down, let LK have 20 minutes of reading time in her bed, then go in and just tell her/kiss her goodnight and turn out the light. (we had been doing something similar only then reading her a book of her choice in her room, singing again, praying again, she gives Kyle a pretend haircut, pretend shots, throws a fit about not being able to find her babies and blankies, then give kisses, turn out the lights and leave the room.)

So here's how things threw down tonight:

We talked to her and told her several times that we were going to change how we said goodnight. She repeated and asked a few times "Are we going to change how we say goodnight?" and I would answer her "Yes, we are going to change how we say goodnight. I said, "we are going to pray and sing and read as a family out here in the den and then when we come to your room after reading time, we are just going to say goodnight."

After a few of these explanations, we read,sang, and prayed and then we put Shepherd down, and got her settled for reading time. Beautiful.

A few minutes before her reading time was up, she came into where I was sitting and told me she was ready for bed.

As I am walking with her down the hall she asks, "Are we changing how we say goodnight?" I said, "Yes, we are changing how we say goodnight."

After I tuck her in and kiss her she asks, "So how DO we say goodnight in Spanish?"

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