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George Lucas

Before the sasster was born, we were given the above seahorse as a baby gift. It's this generation's version of the glow-worm. You squeeze its belly and it lights up and plays soothing lullabies. 

We put it in her crib from the beginning and used it as a sleep cue for her. I affectionately named it "George Lucas" simply because it needed a name, and not just any name, but a first and last name and that is what came to mind. 

Somewhere along the line we ended up with a couple George's, and then Georgia Lucas showed up on the scene.

As she has gotten older, LK has moved on to other babies but does eventually come back to Georgia after some time. Poor Georgia has been left at Grammy's and forgotten, then found and rediscovered and celebrated like it was her birthday. 

I cannot tell you the amount of money we have spent on batteries for these seahorses. 

When the moose was born we continued the tradition with him and he now sleeps with George. 

Tonight, with her brother snuggled up to George across the hall, 2 hours past her bedtime, I walked in to Sassy Pants' room to find her using Georgia as a reading light. She would squeeze her belly to light it up and read until it faded away 5 minutes later and then she would re-squeeze for the next five minutes. After going in her room twice, I finally had to threaten to take Georgia away if she did not go to sleep. 

I have not heard a peep since. 

I'll have to remember this one.

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