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Homemade Problem Solver...

that's me....the Homemade Problem Solver. At least today it is.

You see, I've had some problems. And  I'm going to share them with you. Why? Because I am a blogger. And I get to post whatever I want to.

1. Dry, itchy, flaky scalp
2. Acne

So I decided today was the day to solve them.

So I put the babies down for nap/room-time.

So I made an oatmeal mask for my face.

So I'll share the recipe with you. (Ok I'm done with the So's). (For Today).

I wanted something homemade sense I'm pregnant and all and the jury's still out on a lot of acne medication during pregnancy and I can't remember which ones I'm allowed to use and I don't want to give #3 birth defects just because I don't want to look like moon-crater-face.

I made my own little concoction based on some things I already knew and read about online.

I cooked 3/4 c oatmeal with 3/4 cup water over the stove for 3 minutes. (I knew oatmeal helps with acne and oily skin).
Then I set it aside and let it cool.
Then I added some honey. (because it's sticky and is actually a great moisturizer for your face that won't add oil).
Then it was still too thick and gloopy so I added some milk. Why milk?  Because milk is actually a great facial cleanser and because it's oatmeal. What else am I going to add?

In the meantime, I heated up about 1/4 c. of olive oil in the microwave to treat my flaky itchy scalp.

Then I grabbed a baster brush and the two bowls and went to bathroom.

[Now, let me pause here to tell you that nothing about these processes were pretty or clean. It was all very messy.]

The first thing I did was wash my face really good with just plain water.

Next, I grabbed my clean baster brush and started applying the olive oil to my scalp. Allllll over my scalp. Let me just tell you, olive oil was dripping everywhere. All over my face and ears. After my scalp was saturated, I massaged it all in because it just seemed like the right thing to do. Then I wished I had plastic wrap to wrap around my head because it also just seemed like the thing to do. I didn't have any nor do  I own a shower cap so I just pulled it back with a rubber band.

I washed my face again to clean off the oil that had dripped. I applied the oatmeal mask to my face. Very gloopy and messy and chunks of oatmeal fell off into the sink as I was massaging it into my skin. But I persevered and kept going.

At think point, I knew things needed to set and saturate so I piddled and picked up a few things, made my bed, and clipped my fingernails.

After about 15 minutes or so, I jumped in the shower, washed off the oatmeal mask and washed my hair 3 times with tea tree shampoo.

I was nervous that my hair would still be very oily and to be honest, even when I towel dried it, it still seemed heavy and oily but I decided to go ahead and blow-dry.

I have to tell you that my hair is amazingly SOFT, SHINY and FLAKE-FREE!!! I might just do this once a week.

After blow-drying, I straitened it like I normally do and then I applied a light moisturizer to my face. My face feels soft and oil-free without being too dry.


Here's a pic of my shiny hair and not shiny face and #3 finally starting to shine a little bit herself (himself)!
(It looked bigger in person)
(The camera takes away 10 pounds)

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  1. Hey Carrie, I read this the other day and I do have an pregnancy safe acne cure. I'm not always good about doing it every day, but when I'm consistent with it really does work. I take 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract twice a day every day until the acting is gone and then maintain with 15 drops in a glass of grapefruit juice once a day for maintenance. You can also make a toner when witch hazel and grapefruit seed extract I'm not certain on the percentages of both but I know that you can make it and it's effective. I have even found that the grapefruit seed extract is more effective than using salicylic acid on my skin topically it keeps the breakouts from happening it's also just good for you to take. It'll keep you healthy and keep your baby healthy so anyway that's my two cents worth on that subject. Love you!! Call if you have questions :) (as per usual!)