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Dear Shepherd (10 Months)

Dear Shepherd,

Happy Ten month Birthday!  Sorry about missing your 9 month update....we've got a lot to make up for, don't we?
  • At your 9 month check-up you weighed 20lbs 6oz (50%) and were 29 inches long (90%). 
  • You still wear size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes
  • You have 6 ish teeth. The tiny teeth on either side of your top front teeth are playing hide 'n seek right now. 
  • You have started a little bit of separation anxiety. Not so much when I leave you somewhere but more if I'm in the same room, you want to be held by me and readily express your opinion of me when I do not comply with your every whim and wish.
  • You "crawl" everywhere on your tummy. You are like one of those inch worms, pretty fast little worm if I do say so. If you happen to find something on your journey you are not supposed to have, when I notice you start trying to make your get-a-way VERY quickly. 
  • You really like Sookie and Lucy right now
  • But not as much as you love your daddy. When he walks in the room, you reach for him and squak and growl at him until he grabs you.
  • You really are bothered by the fact that you have to wear clothes. Sorry bout that buddy. Your name is not Adam.
  • Things were going great with your table-fooding, but then one day you decided you didn't want to eat veggies anymore. You only want meat and bread and goldfish. The only way we can get you to eat right now is if we dip all veggies in applesauce. 
  • You were sick for your first Christmas with a very sad cold. You had your worst night of your whole life where you were up every hour. Please don't ever do that again. ever.
  • You are now for the next several months officially the middle grandchild on mommy's side of the family. 
Every day we see more of your personality and you are such a valuable, precious part to our family. You are soooo loved.

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