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Some thoughts on Football.....

I never really understood football till college. I grew up in a home that very much loved football, was in band in jr. high/high school and therefore went to every game, but everytime I asked the boys around me about it, I felt like they just made up the rules and they were complicated and different every time. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the game.

There are some rules I have picked up over time that still make no sense to me....

#1 being that only some players on the field are ELIGIBLE to catch the ball. Meaning some players are not. WHAT??? still doesn't make sense.. REALLY? But I heard it at some Ladies Locker room led by a cowboy's coach.....(yeah I know.. I know...) (I did actually learn things like nickel and dime defense.) (Not that I remember what they mean).

In college, I eventually learned most of the rules and made some up of my own.... not for the game itself but about the game and my participation in it.

1. I am a Red Raider through and through.
2. You cheer for your team win or lose.
3. If you leave a game early (before the school song), you are a pink raider. (not saying I never did this, but the rule is there)
4. I cheer for Alabama because of birthplace and familial ties. Also for the competitor in me that really likes to win and beat Auburn, just for the sheer joy of the majority of my paternal family's irritation at it.
5. Sometimes it's just ok to cheer for the underdog.
6. If you yell "squish 'em like a bug" at the tv in the same room as your SBOAM husband, you might just get made fun of. (But someone please tell me a better sentiment to be yelled at the lack-of-defense that does not involve profanity??)
7. Sometimes I get excited about football, but sometimes I have had enough. And that's ok too. As long as SBOAM fills me in on the details. And I still get to have an opinion.
8. Pro-football is boring to me. I will watch and somewhat enjoy the superbowl, but it just doesn't hold a candle for me to college games.
9. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

All that being said, I will cheer for the Patriots in the Superbowl. Why? Because Wes Welker plays for the Patriots and I used to watch him ignite the whole Red Raider nation with his football playing. ("Welker!""Welker!" Wes! Wes! Wes!) But in full disclosure you should know two things:

1. I have not seen him play, not even one time, since he was a Red Raider. I don't even remember what he looks like.
2. I may or may not watch with passion or like a really care. But I will care if "we" lose.

There you have it....my thoughts and cares on football. It's ok if you don't like it. Just make up your own rules to how you like football. You follow yours, I'll follow mine.  The end.

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