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Today's Stories

I remember it like yesterday. The day Sassy Pants discovered the cat food. Night.Mare. Today the Moose discovered the dog food. I was around the corner and heard some splashing. I ran around and found him splashing in the dog water, food scattered everywhere. I told him "no" and pulled him away and sat him in front of some of his toys that he looked at me and looked down and when he thought I wasn't looking, he opened his little fists and had a kibble in each hand and he smiled really big and started to put one in his mouth! Little turkey!

SBOAM and Moose were watching football and Sasster, not wanting to be left out, marches in the room with her new mixer and says "we're going to watch TEA PARTY Football and I am making cupcakes".

I've got cute kids. Really Cute kids.

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