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A Tuesday List

1. Laura Kate got a note in the mail from Grammy yesterday.

This is what it says:

Dear Laura Kate,

I have been missing you - so VERY much. I love you mostess. I can hardly wait for you to come see me. Be a very big girl for your mommy.

I love you,

P.S. Tell Shepherd I love him and miss him too. He is not big enough yet to get a letter like you :-).

2. I changed Shepherd's diaper today and it smelled like dog poop. I wish I was kidding.

3. Laura Kate called Grammy to tell her thank you for her card tonight.

4. It suddenly occurred to me why I havn't started showing very much with #3: I'm still nursing the moose.

5. Do you know what that means?? When I stop nursing Shepherd I am going to get really really fat.

6. Laura Kate called Papa and read her note from Grammy to him on the phone.

7. Maybe Shepherd is part dog.

8. Maybe he ate dog food.

9. Laura Kate called Uncle Joel, who didn't answer, and left a message for him reading the note from Grammy on his voicemail.

10. I accidentally put too much powder in Shepherd's diaper tonight. He rolled over on his tummy and back to his back and a giant poof of powder came out of the back of his diaper.

11. He doesn't smell like dog poop anymore.

12. Laura Kate called Aunt Sassy and read her the note she got from Grammy.

13. There's a good chance I would get really fat even if I didn't stop nursing Shepherd.

14. Uncle Joel called back and Laura Kate read him the note from Grammy.

15. Laura Kate loves her note from Grammy.

16. I am going to be really fat.

17. Everybody's poop stinks.

18. Powder can help.


  1. lol...I guess it felt like Tuesday. I didn't even notice till just now.... Pregnant brain.