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#3, Week 18

Dear Little #3 Bambino,

You have ears! (in theory at least). There is a good chance they are already bigger than your daddy's (kidding) (kind of). You are about the size of a baked potato (about 5 and half inches long).

Mommy: has not received the burst of energy she was hoping for when she stopped nursing moose. Apparently you are growing and growing and require more from me now. My belly did decide to pop out this week and I have been having some bouts of morning sickness. Yes, morning sickness in my second trimester. Thank you very much. We also sadly switched doctors this week and while we are so sad to not see our old doctor we are very excited about the new one, especially since he is so much closer than Dallas. 

Daddy: is getting really really excited about you. He keeps asking me if I'm excited (I am very much so). He is pretty set on you being a Hannah, so if you are a Fischer he will have some serious making up to do. This week he took me on a very fun Valentine's date and continues to ride the roller coaster of my crazy cravings. He loves us a lot - I can tell.

The Big Sasster: has had quite the week. She loved Valentine's so much that she thinks every day should be "Valentimes". She also has had quite a hard time obeying mommy this week. She is really into Robots these days and will randomly burst out in Robot Language. Never a dull moment - be prepared.

Moose of a Brother: is looooving his sippy cup and is quite content with it instead of nursing. I would be sad but I only get a 5 month break before I start nursing you. He loves to wave keys around in the air and loves to play with zippers. He has been talking more and said "mama" 4 times today and "daddy" once and something that sounded very close to "all done". I'm sure he will have several more words by the time you are here.

In two weeks we get to find out if you are a Hannah or a Fischer. We are so so so excited to know and start planning accordingly. We love you sooo much!

17 weeks

18 weeks

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