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Dear Shepherd (11 Months)

Dear Shepherd,

What a fun month it has been! My favorite thing from the past month is getting to know so much more of your personality. You have really let it shine this month:
  • You are very mobile. Just very picky about how you move around. You "crawl" still just dragging yourself along but are very fast and very good at it. You also loooove to move around the house or outside patio in your walker. 
  • You weigh somewhere around 22 lbs. And are very very tall. Every time I look at you you get taller.
  • You are still wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
  • You have started pulling up on furniture (as we speak your SBOAD is lowering your crib mattress so you don't plummet over it).
  • As of yesterday we stopped nursing. I was prepared for a big battle and there has actually been NO problem switching you to milk. You have learned to love anything cold to drink in your sippy and as soon as we let you try whole milk you cannot get enough. I am so thankful I was wrong. 
  • You are obsessed with zippers and buckles. You could sit and play with daddy's backpack for what seems like hours.
  • You also really like to wave things in the air: your lovey, socks, blankets, napkins, clothes, anything that waves. You will spin on your bottom in a circle around and around waving your item in the air.
  • You have definitely gotten more verbal. Singing, talking, yelling, cooing, and babbling and grunting. Oh and growling occasionally. 
  • You looove to eat chicken nuggets. They are your favorite. Any vegetable we want you to eat we have to dip in applesauce first. 
  • You also love to be outside. You will drag yourself to the window of the back door and peer out longingly. 
  • You have discovered the dog and cat and you talk to them, yell at them, hit them, and grab their fur. They are very good sports while we try to teach you to "love love" and "pat pat" instead of "grab grab".
  • You do not like to sit still long enough to read so the only times we can really read with you are when you are confined in your high chair during meals or snack or we read over you while you play and scurry around the room. 
  • You got the first (and hopefully last) really awful haircut. You will probably have a line on the side of your head for months. You also got your first "real" haircut at a barber shop with clippers and all. You loved it and were so fascinated with what the barber was doing.
  • Last week we went to Lubbock to meet your newest cousin Cason and play with Cohen and Grammy and Papa. You loved being held by your Papa and were completely fascinated by your Grammy's jewelry (we may have to talk about that in the future).
You are such a fun, happy boy and it is hard to believe you have been here almost a year! We love you very very much!

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