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Changing the World, One Boy at a Time

The night before Shepherd's birthday party I was with my mom at Target helping her find a couple other Grammy presents. We were on a boy toy aisle....you know the ones.....cars, trucks, airplanes, dinosaurs, balls galore. In my mind I am thinking...."let's get to the Barbie aisle!!!" Noticing the blank look on my face, my mother says to me..."Carrie, you need to get excited about this aisle - this is your future!!"

It's true...I need to get excited about the boy aisle.

I started praying for each of my kids the moment I knew of their existence. I knew that Shepherd was a boy just about from the beginning. I believe the Lord gave me Shepherd's name and I believe he gifted our family with a future warrior for Him. I am truly excited about boys and love that the Lord created them different from me and different from the Sasster. But I have been a little slow-moving in the planes, trains, and automobile department. My brain is just hard-wired for Barbies, tutus, and lip gloss. I realized when I had to research what to get my boy for his first birthday present while having to narrow down and choose between 10 things for my girl's birthday that I needed to get my boy brain in gear. It also doesn't help that come July, the Sasster and I will be outnumbered.

It occurred to me that the different ways of thinking for daughters and sons doesn't only pertain to toys. The first thing it starts with is prayer and recognizing that boys relate to the Lord differently than girls. It only makes sense that praying for Shepherd and Fischer will need to be different than how I pray for Laura Kate.

In searching for resources online I came across this book and challenge and I am so excited about it. Especially today because TODAY ONLY (Thursday, March 22nd) you can get this book for FREE.....

Let me know if you decide to do it. I'd love to know what friends are also going through this and would love to chat about it.

(***Don't for one little second think I am not also passionately praying for my little sassy pants as well. I can't wait to share some other ideas and resources I have found for girls in a different post!)

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  1. I am visiting for the first time! Yay!! I will definitely sign up to do the challenge. This post gets me, because I am the exact opposite!! I know exactly what boys will love, and have always had trouble pinning down just what AG will play with! We should tutor each other! AND I am going to read this book, even though I have to pay for it! Thanks!