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Fischer, 24 weeks


I am so sorry mommy has neglected writing to you the past couple weeks! Things have been a bit busy here in our house!

At 24 weeks you are around 12 inches long (like an ear of corn) and weigh a little over a pound now. You ar growing and growing. This is the first milestone date and if you came crazy early, your chances of survivial are a lot greater. BUT, don't you dare come out yet! You just sit tight in there for a good 15 more weeks, mkay?

We went to the doctor yesterday and you are measuring right now track. We do have one small potential concern to watch out for.  Dr. Pierce said our ultrasound showed a "low-lying placenta" where your placenta has attached too close to the cervix (within 2 cm). The good news is that most of the time this problem goes away on its own as mommy continues to stretch and grow with you. If it does not get better, then things might get a little trickier during labor. (***Prayers welcome for this to resolve itself!! We will have another sono at 32 weeks to check up on everything).

Mommy: is still feeling pretty great. I wear myself out trying to fit too much into the day. I have starting a little bit of nesting....as in your room is pretty much done except for decorative projects and repainting your dresser. (I'll out up pictures after I get the cute stuff on the walls....maybe some this weekend!)

SBOAD: Is trucking away at work, chasing after the moose, and playing "Octonauts" with your Sasster. Let me just tell you that you are getting the best daddy in the world, and not just because he can give a spot-on mickey mouse accent, but because he will passionately pray for you and do everything in hiss power to lead you towards Jesus. You couldn't be more blessed.

The Sasster: Yesterday I was trying to explain to the Sasster what maternity clothes are and why mommy has to wear them since her tummy is growing with you. Her response was: "OH! Now you can wear clothes like Daddy!"

The Moose: OH the trouble you two are going to get into together. There is this little mischievous side to him that is starting to come out in him that makes daddy laugh and keeps mommy on her toes. I can only imagine what is going to happen when he has someone to conspire with. I see a future of forts, bugs, dirt, and lots and lots of messes!

I love you. So much. I am so enjoying being pregnant with you and every time you move, I smile and thank Jesus for creating your life! I can't wait to meet you!!

[belly pic to come]

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