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A Lately List

1. Lately, we have been busy getting reading for someone's birthday this weekend!

2. Lately, I have started to feel a little bit more pregnant. Still lovin it though!

3. Lately, the Sasster has been waking up at 5:30  a.m.

4. Lately, the Moose has learned to spit. And he thinks it is the funniest thing in the world.

5. Lately, I have been in Project mode.....getting things ready for the Sasster to invade the Moose's room.

It's going to be epic.

For so many reasons.

Mainly for the amount of glue I am using for a particular project.

And also for the fact that it is the Sasster and Moose who are going to share a room.

Pray for me.

6. Lately, I have been getting really excited about having a Fischer!

7. Lately, Fischer has been very excited that everyone stopped calling him a "her".

8. Lately,  Lucy the cat has been very strategic about when and where she naps because apparently a little Moose loves to interrupt her naps.

9. Speaking of naps, this mama has been needing more and more (see #2 and #3).

10.  Lately, I am halfway to having a baby! My little pregnant, nesting brain is very busy making lists. Lots of lists about lists. It's exhausting (see #9).

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