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My Kids Rock Monday

I was challenged by a blogger I read to take Mondays and brag about my kids. I like the word challenge here because there are days when that's exactly what it is - a challenge. It's really easy for me to be critical and frustrated about the things I don't like or want to be better. In fact, I think I do a lot better job of critiquing my kids than bragging about them, and if I don't brag about them, who will? So I'm going to take the challenge to brag about my kids on Mondays...

Laura Kate tells me she loves me about 5 times a day. "I really love you" she says to me. It melts my heart every time. That's a pretty awesome 3 year old, to tell her mommy that so much.

Shepherd is such a great napper and sleeper. He sleeps 12 hours at night and takes 2, 2 hour naps a day. So blessed with a rockin 1 year old who loves his sleep so much!

Happy Monday! Go brag on your kids!

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  1. Sweet babies!

    And awesome name on kid two! My Shepherd was a great sleeper too - must be the name! Pssst - don't name your next kid Maggie.