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A Sassy Invasion

It wasn't long after we found out about #3 that the planner in me started to try and figure out how to make 3 kids work in the space that we have and fit within the needs of our family. We like our kids to sleep in their beds in their room from night one (and have seen this work brilliantly for both #1 and #2) so just waiting until Fischer was old enough to share with Shepherd wasn't really an option for us. We talked about converting our front office into a bedroom, but it would be small and would close off a space I really enjoy being open. We finally decided that the best thing for now is for LK to share Shep's room until Fischer is old enough and ready to share with Shepherd.

We wanted to give them plenty of time to transition before adding a new baby so a couple months ago we put the date of March 16th on the calendar and made plans for Laura Kate to be gone for the day so we could make the change complete and she wouldn't have to be anxious during the upheaval stage.

For weeks I have been organizing toys and working on projects to be able to make the space functional and cute. I am very pleased with how things have turned out and am very proud of my kids. We are only on night two and both nights they have both giggled and "talked" for about 30 minutes before falling asleep. In the morning LK woke up first and quietly left the room without waking up brother.

So here it is, the new room....

This is the view from the door.

 Shepherd's reading chair and basket of chairs

This is the view of Shepherd's bed and canvas.
The sign above the moose head says "moose spoken here".

 I wanted to have a special reading corner and space and this turned out really well! 

This picture is one of the projects I worked on. I followed this tutorial and the total cost was $11. (Be careful of what spray adhesive you use, the first one I used ate the syrofoam). The little yellow bike is one I painted for Shep's nursery before he was born. We moved the square bookcase from the den into their room.

I need a way to organize LK's dress-up stuff without having to build something major or pay lots of money for something. We found this silver kitchen shelf at IKEA for $15 and it works perfectly to hang her dress-up clothes. The suitcase is one from when I was a little girl that my grandparents gave me. The drawer organizer in the corner used to be white. I spray-painted it purple and am using chalk-board paint to paint a square to label each drawer. The table was an IKEA clearance find. I got it for $5 but it was missing the legs. I just used the pink legs from LK's pink table in her room and it works perfectly. 

 This is the view of LK's bed. The canvas is the one I painted for her nursery with her verse on it before she was born. You might recognize the gumball mosaic from this post. The yarn wreath used to hang on the outside of her bedroom door. This is still the cute bed that mom and I made a year ago. But I made a new duvet cover for her by sewing two flat twin sized sheet together from cute cheap sheets from Wal-mart ($10 total.) The big pillow I recovered from black and white fabric that was also an IKEA clearance find and scrap minky fabric for the letters. 

This is her bedside table.

This is their closet!! Thanks Grammy for the organizers for Shep's birthday. I am very please with how everything fit and looks cute at the same time!

I am very please with how the switch over is going so far! Keep praying for a smooth move before Mr. Fischer makes his appearance!

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  1. Wow!! You are VERY resourceful!! That is alotto stuff in there, but what fun!! It's good that you figured out that they could share a room til Fisher is old enough! Jack started sleeping in Cody's room at 14 months. Now 7 years later, he finally has his own room (as of about 6 weeks ago) and he doesn't want to move! Nor does Cody want him to, so that room is their playroom right now!