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A Saturday List

1. Today is Saturday.

The Day of Rest.

And working in the yard.

And other things that you didn't have time to do during the week.

2. Kyle tried out a reel mower to see how he liked it. He got a work-out and he liked it.

Did I mention it was a work-out?

3. I planted some flowers.

4. And put a wreath up. 

And my front Door is a happy place. 

and Pierpont is a happy knome.

5. I also finished up some framed prints for Fischer's room (tute to come in a later post).

6. We took some time in the afternoon to enjoy the pretty Spring day...

7. Kyle cleaned out the car. He's a work horse people. A Studly Beast of Man. And He is mine. 

8. I also did some Easter Basket shopping.

9. And found a black maternity dress for my cousin's wedding for [wait for it] $6.99!!!! 

10. I also spent some time growing a baby today. It's hard work, y'all.

11. And now, steaks are on the grill, coke's in the fridge and fries are crisping in the fryer.

**Best Homemand French Fries Recipe ever is The Pioneer Woman's Recipe... found here.**
(I season mine with seasoned salt and little sprinkles of sugar. yes sugar. because Wingstop does and everyone should want to be like Wingstop.)

And it's fitting because I feel like a Pioneer Woman today.

12. And now I plan on Resting. And it was good. Amen.

(P.S. I forgot to tell you about the dead bunny. 

Sookie proudly found a dead bunny in the yard. 

I screamed and ran in the house. 

Unfortunately Laura Kate ended up seeing it.

This lead to a conversation about death. 

And rising from the dead.

It was a teaching moment for all of us.)

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