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Dear Shepherd (12 Months)

Dear Shepherd,

It is so hard to believe your first year of life is behind you! I love you so much that every time I look at you my heart turns to mush! This is my favorite age so far with you because your little personality is really shining! Here's what's going on with you right now:
  • You weigh 21lbs 14oz (50%) and are 29.8 inches tall (75%)!
  • You still wear size 4 diapers and you are wearing 12-18month clothes and size 4 shoes
  • You hate the bath with a passion. You cry big alligator tears every time we make you take a bath (which is only once a week right now since it is so traumatic. Every other night we just have a sponge bath).
  • Your 7th tooth just popped through this week.
  • You are just finishing up a growth spurt and want to eat every 5 minutes!!
  • You still only crawl on your tummy, but you slide everywhere very fast! 
  • You are pulling up on everything and "cruising around the furniture". Still no interest in standing on your own and when we try to walk with you for very long you just plop on your bottom. I think we are still a little ways away which is just fine by me!
  • You are still not too fond of vegetables unless they are pureed or drenched in applesauce. 
  • You love music and will "conduct" and dance around and wave your arms in the air whenever you hear music.
  • You still refuse to clap but you have started waving :).
  • You loooove your daddy and still think your sasster hung the moon.
  • We just moved your sister in to share your room with you today (separate post to follow)
  • You are saying "mama" and "dada" and do a lot of yelling and squaking
We had a very fun moose party for your first birthday party! Grammy and Papa came along with many other friends and PawPaw and Mimi, Pappy and Ninna, Sassy and CaCa, and Great Granny and Great Grandaddy all sent special presents! 

Here are some pictures from your party:

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