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(Don't) Just Say No

I think I say no waaay too much in parenting. I get asked 5, 467 questions a day and I probably say no to 5,000 of them. And about 3,000 of them don't have a good reason behind the "no". I think it has become my default.

So I'm trying to do better.

Today the Sasster and I made green chocolate chip cookies.

Because I didn't have a good reason to say "no". 

I even threw in some bonus m&ms. 

And look at the reward for my "yes".

Shepherd just doesn't understand why they are green. 

He thinks it was a tad eccentric to have green cookies. 

He doesn't understand what is wrong with just plain brown cookies.

I told him this is just one of many times in his life we are just going to have to indulge his Sasster. It's just better that way. Everyone is happier.


  1. Way to go! LOVE it! My standard is, if it doesn't hurt people or important belongings, why not. That is of course after the biblical standards are met obviously!)

  2. Hehe... reminds me of the pink "princess" pancakes she and I made together... so much fun