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Easter 2012

We have had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter. I really work hard to make this weekend special and set-apart because it is the best holiday because it represents our one and only reason for HOPE.

On Friday, Kyle had the day off of work so we had some good family time relaxing during the day and then had a Good Friday Service at church that night.

On Saturday, Laura Kate and I dyed Easter Eggs and made cupcakes!

Kyle and Shepherd grilled some sliders for dinner on Friday.

I do not understand a lot about the male species, but I do know that they will take every opportunity to celebrate with fire. Men are fascinated by fire. So Kyle built a bonfire in grill and explained something about firey hills in Fredricksburg or some other nonsense. 

Also, I ironed our Easter clothes on Saturday night. I didn't take a picture but I thought it was remarkable since  I don't really iron very often.

Today we woke up early and the kids were excited to find their Easter baskets!!

We attended the 8:00 service at church this morning and had an incredible worship service celebrating our Jesus who is ALIVE! Man worship was good this morning! We also helped out with the kids during the 9:00 service. I'm so thankful for a church that helps us teach our kids about the person of Jesus and gives them a solid Biblical Education. Laura Kate came home singing  "Jesus Came to Save Sinners" and talking about Jesus being Alive.  [I have a video that I'm waiting on from Kyle that I will post ASAP!]

[insert video here]

We came home to get the ham in the oven and had an egg hunt and took some pictures! Fun Jenn joined us for lunch and the egg hunt. We had so much fun. Shepherd was not really interested in taking pictures but he LOVES the eggs.

I "cooked" my first ham and we had rolls, green beans (thanks Jenn!), Au Gratin Potatoes and Cupcakes.  Oh and Watermelon Lemonade. Yummy!

Happy Easter!

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