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How to Give a Moose a Bath

It was a beautiful day when The Sasster and Moose started taking a bath together. They both splashed and sang and played and joyful cheers were heard by all.

Then...one dark gloomy day, something happened and the Moose started hating baths. I mean HATING them. He would stand on the side clinging to you with big alligator tears rolling down his cheeks, crying and crying to get out of the tub. He was terrified. And it made me so sad.

We tried everything. Just bathing him by himself, just a couple inches of water, no toys, lots of toys, in the kitchen sink, in our bath, everywhere and the results were always the same. It got to the the point where we've only been giving him a real bath (non-sponge bath) once a week because it was so awful for him.

Then...a few days ago, my studly beast of a man figured out How to Give a Moose a Bath:

Step 1: Place the moose in the bathtub wearing his diaper and nothing else with no water in the tub but a few toys to play with. Engage him with some toys.

Step 2: Take off the diaper and continue playing.

Step 3: Start the water slowly, even though it is cool. Show him how to splash the water and let him splash.

Step 4: As he is splashing, increase the temperature (think boiling a frog people) until it is as warm as you like it and put the plug in.

Step 5: Let the water fill up and distract him with other toys and splashing the water in the tub vs. the running water.

Step 6: Turn off the running water and continue to play.

Step 7: Wash his hair as the very last thing before you get him out. At this point he is having so much fun he won't even scream. Don't forget to wash behind his antlers!

Step 8: Take him out of the bath and enjoy his cries to get back in the tub.

Happy, clean moose. Happy mom. Brilliant SBOAM. He's my hero!

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  1. Love this! It made me laugh. So so glad for you and Shep on making bath time fun again! Go SBOAM :)