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My Kids Rock Mondays

Braggin on my babies on Mondays!

I am sooooo thankful that my kids rarely get sick. Minor colds is what we deal with the most if ever.  Last night, Laura Kate woke up with a 102.5 fever, barking cough, and sore throat. The last time she had a fever was when she had Rosoela Virus at 15 1/2 months. That was 2 and a half years ago. (Let's just say my mommy-heart is carrying full load. It makes me so so sad that she feels so yucky.)This morning, fever is down but I know she still feels awful (seeing the doctor later in the morning) and she is still the happiest little person I have ever met. Even though she doesn't feel well. I love her playful spirit so much. One word we always felt for her and were challenged to pray over her is "joy" from the time I was pregnant with her even. She has not disappointed. Praying her body catches up with her spirit in that area today!

[this was taken around the age when she last had a fever]

I didn't think it was possible to have 2 funny kids when your first turns out to be the funniest person you have ever met. But it turns out, it is possible. Shepherd Andrew is quickly following in his sister's shoes and makes me laugh all the time. What makes him different is that he has this mischievous quality about him. He likes to hide things. I keep the toaster in one of the cabinets to the left of my oven. I don't have cabinet latches because this was never a problem with LK, but apparently I am going to have to get some latches to keep little moose from playing with the toaster. I looked in there and saw this: 

[magnetic alphabet letters hiding in the toaster!]

I have Joyful, Funny Kids!!!!!

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