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Peppermint Showers

I have a post I need to write about new levels of destruction the Sasster reached yesterday. I just still havn't recovered enough energy to write about it yet.

As I type this I am fighting an ugly chest cold. So not fun. So really not fun when you are with-child.

In the past, when I have a cold, we have bought the vick's shower steamers. But the last time we looked we havn't been able to find them (plus I really don't like spending money on them).

So today, I had an epiphany. I sprinkled drops of peppermint oil around the perimeter of my shower and took a steamy shower this morning! It was wonderful and I plan on doing it again before bed tonight. I'm sure any minty oil would work and I probably would have preferred eucalyptus but peppermint is what I had on hand. I definitely breathed easier and coughed less for a couple hours after the shower.

You should try it!

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