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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (Pregnancy Edition)

1. Body Pillow
I like just the plain, $10 body pillow from Walmart. I have used different kinds (thanks to great friends who let me borrow them!) but I always got too hot and felt too claustrophobic. Mainly because we have a Queen size bed and it was just too much. I do however still need something and I like the plain body pillow!

2. Plastic Drinking Cup w/ straw
This has been a huge help in helping me drink a lot of water quickly throughout the day. Mine is purple and was a gift but came from Old Navy. You can find them everywhere though.

3. Shic Intuition Razor

Ok y'all. This is one of my favorite favorite non-negotiables in pregnancy. Shaving is already hard enough but the Intuition razor eliminates the lathering step for you so you only have to reach over once. I like the pomegranate flavor and it is pretty moisturizing.

4. Be Maternity Seamless Ruched Tank

This is my favorite article of clothing during pregnancy. It is from Target and I would wear it every day if I could. I wear it under things and it I really like how it covers. These past two pregnancies I have carried so low that my tummy will hang out a little under shirts which means I have to wear a tank under them. These are perfect because they are stretchy and long.

5. Heating Pad

I know there is some leery-ness when it comes to heating pads in pregnancy. I have spoken with all 3 of my OB's and every one of them have told me the same thing: As long as you don't put it on your belly it's fine. It will not cause your overall body temperature to rise which is what the main concern would be. All of the typical safety guidelines when using a heating pad do still apply: don't keep it on high, don't fall asleep with it on, and make sure not to put it directly on your skin. 

6. Snacks
Especially during those first few weeks, but really throughout, we all know we need snacks to keep us going. In the pantry, bedside table, purse and car. A good friend told me during my first pregnancy that you don't have to eat crackers but really just whatever tastes good and will stay down. For me, it was mini chips ahoy.  Love 'em.

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