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Fischer, 30-31 Weeks

Dear Little Martial Artist,

It is really hard to believe we are 31 weeks along tomorrow. Seriously the time is flying by....

At this point you weigh over 3 lbs (like a sack of oranges) and are around 17 inches long. Boy, are you a mover and a shaker. You shake my whole body when you kick. My tummy looks so distorted sometimes by your movements....it's really funny to watch other people's reactions to it. You can yawn, suck your thumb and kick....lots and lots of kicking.

Mommy: is tired and lacking energy. Good thing I did most of the nesting early for you because there is just not a lot of energy left over after keeping up with your siblings. We go in in a couple weeks for a sono to check to see if the low-lying placenta has resolved itself. Mommy has also gained a lot of weight in the past month or so. I'm not too worried since this is how your sasster and brother were but it probably wouldn't hurt to lay off the snickers, sno-cones, and little debbies (or at least decrease the frequency of them). (Ok, maybe not the sno-cones...just the other things). We have some Braxton's, lower back pain, continual urination (or it feels like it), occasional headaches, and just plain uncomfortableness.

SBOAD: leaves for a trip this weekend. Heed my words: do not try anything fishy, Fischer. I mean it. You stay nice and snug. He also has a trip when we are 34 weeks. This applies then too. We are looking for the 40 week mark, buddy.

Sasster: Just turned 4 years old and is getting very excited to meet you. She keeps saying, "I want Fischer to have hair like Shepherd"....only time will tell!

Moose: Still not walking but making serious efforts in that direction. Does a lot of pointing and sqwauking to communicate right now. He is getting into everything. You are going to love him.

Nursery: is really basically done. (I know I need to post pictures....and I will when it is totally done). I need to tighten the screws on your crib, paint your canvas and organize your clothes from your cousins. We got the shelf that will serve the purpose of the dresser in your room. I am purposefully waiting till daddy is gone so I can have something to look forward to organizing to help the time go by faster.

We can't wait to meet you! But we can. Until July. Don't get any bright ideas.

(30 weeks)


  1. Wow! I bet I am the first one to read this. I was very confused when I read the date at the top! What are you doing awake, crazy lady? (I used to wake up in the night and eat a little debbie swiss cake roll(s) when I was pregnant with AG). You look GREAT at 30 weeks, especially with #3!

  2. @Adrienne - thanks! And Swiss Cake Rolls are a staple in our house :)

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