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Fischer, 33 Weeks

We had a great sonogram today!

Here what we found out:

  • The placenta is now 7cm from the cervix (grown from 1.9 cm at 20 weeks). That is VERY good news and means it is no longer even close to being "low-lying". It also means that barring different, unexpected complications, we won't have to have a c-section!
  • We had a fabulous view of Fischer's heart and saw all four chambers doing what they were supposed to do. His heart-rate was 121 which is completely normal. In addition we saw his kidneys and other anatomy functioning just as it should.
  • Fischer now weighs right at 5lbs which is right on track to being an 8lb baby at full-term delivery. (This is the first 3rd trimester sonogram that I have not been told to expect a 9-10lb baby --when in reality both LK and Shep were just under 8lbs. I have a feeling this weight is pretty accurate this time).  It is also a weight off knowing he is at a very viable weight should something happen and he come early. 
  • We did not get good pictures today to bring home. We couldn't really see his face because he is head down, facing my back.....at least he knows the way out. 
  • We had the same sonographer as last time. She was nicer this time.


I will post more tomorrow after our appointment, but I wanted to ask for prayer for our sonogram for tomorrow.

Please pray for:

  • good news that the "low-lying placenta" has resolved itself and will not present any potential complications during labor. 
  • a better look at Fischer's heart (there is nothing we are worried about, he was just in a funny position last time and the sonographer could not get a good look)
  • A better sonographer
  • Good pictures! I want to see his sweet face!


  1. Praying, friend! Can't wait to hear the good report! Ella has her one-month appt this morning (holy cow!). We'll have to compare notes.

    You look absolutely adorable, btw! :)