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A Repentant Catch-Up List

It's been too long since I blogged.

I have my crazy-life reasons starting with the croup and ending with insane schedules including traveling and somewhere sandwiched in between is car trouble for both cars and the spawn of Satan (if I can lower my pride some more I will write a post just on this).

Regardless, I am sorry and this is my repentant catch-up list.

1. My little sassy pants turns FOUR on Saturday. FOUR YEARS. I asked her where she wanted to eat her special family birthday dinner. Anywhere she wanted....she chose McDonalds. Yep. McDonalds.

2. Tonight's dinner conversation involved Trinitarian Doctrine. The Sasster made the comment: "The Holy Spirit is a flame that burns ".

It was one of those times I am very thankful for my husband. I would have just responded with "Amen." SBOAM responded with a conversation about why he is a flame and why it is good.

3. I painted this dresser for LK for her first Christmas.

Since shuffling rooms around I had decided to re-paint it for the Fisch-man. Well I decided that I don't have the energy to sand and re-paint and Kyle doesn't have the time so I sold it today. And I'm thinking of doing this in that space in place of a dresser.

I will throw some cube buckets in there and call it a day. And save a lot of energy. Amen.

4. Speaking of Fischer....I am 30 weeks tomorrow!!! I don't expect you to remember that because I havn't posted an update in a long long time. Hoping for one tomorrow with a belly pic. Stay tuned....

5. Shepherd decided to teeth 4 molars at the same time this past weekend when I was out of town. My husband really is one studly beast of a dad.

6. Regardless of the teething (and the separation anxiety), I am SMITTEN with my little moose right now. Just plain smitten. I cannot look at him and not kiss his smushy cheeks.

I mean...someone please tell me what I supposed to do with all of that cuteness....

7. I went to my cousin's wedding this past weekend. She is so much more than a cousin, but a fabulous wonderful friend. I am so glad I was able to celebrate her marriage. It was a pretty great party, including a never-ending sno-cone bar. I'm pretty sure I had five. I am not ashamed. 

We've been told we look a little bit alike.

8. A few weeks ago, The Sasster showed up at church singing "Don't be afraid just shake your body...." I would like to know who taught her this song...Please leave a comment below.

9. Also a few weeks ago, SHE flooded her bathroom by giving her babies a bubble bath in the sink and not turning the water off. Then she proceeded to take her clothes off and dance in the water flooding the floor. (Someone PLEASE tell me how to teach my child to keep her clothes on)

THEN while I was cleaning it up, she went to my bathroom and found my favorite $8/bottle of Essie nail polish and proceeded to paint her toes. Not just toenails but toes, dripping pain on the counter and tile floor all along the way. **!!HELP ME!!**

10. I am going to leave you with this. This is a picture of my Granny taken on the way to the wedding.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my future.

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