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The Spawn of Satan: Phase Two

(This is Phase Two, Click here to read Phase One)

In the VeggieTales movie, Gideon the Tuba Warrior, the angel "sent from above" is talking to Gideon and he tells him "God never makes a mistake" and Gideon says, "You're telling me, God has never made a mistake, not once in all of recorded history?" and the angel replies, "Not once. Though if you want my opinion, the jury's still out on spiders."

Well friends, if you want my opinion, The jury's still out on lice. (And if you know me very well, you know I'm not too fond of spiders either).

I really do feel that after battling lice you have lived through a modern-day plague. A physical manifestation of the enemies attack on you.

Phase Two: If you want my opinion, the jury's still out on lice

I was prepared that the lice may come back. Everything I read said something about having to re-treat in 7-14 days. So my attitude was a little bit better the second go around. LK was scratching at the table during breakfast one morning. I checked her head and sure enough, there were itchies.

So, taking on the attitude of, "I can handle this. Just shampoo one more time and it will be over. This will NOT run our lives. This will not ruin our day.", I shampood and combed. LK's attitude was a little less compliant, but she got to play my iphone again so she put up with it. Shampooed, combed, and moved on.

Three days later, I found a few more in her head after she was scratching at dinner. Damn it.

This time, we went and bought the name brand shampoo (we had just used the Walgreen's brand before), followed the directions carefully and I took extra extra care to comb every strand on her sweet little head while she a little bit less compliantly played my phone.

2 hours of combing later, I was sure I had combed every strand and gotten everything. Nothing else could still be there.

I exhaustedly fell into bed that night, begging God that this was the last of it. This was the end. I got the point: humility, sanctification, fight the good fight. Please Please God let this be the end. I also reminded him I was pregnant and tired a few times.

I felt pretty confident they were gone. There was nothing else to do. This was now a story to be told in past-tense.....

Stay tuned for Phase Three.

(**As much as I love and appreciate sharing advice and am constantly looking for new ideas and normally I love this blog being a place for that, this is one subject where I want to kindly ask you not to. As you will continue to read, we tried a lot of things, have done a lot of reading and found so much conflicting information and advice we finally just had to make decisions based on what we felt like was best for our family. I think most people who have dealt with lice come to a point of being so frustrated that even the most well-meaning advice is discouraging and not helpful. The reason I chose to write about this at all is because I believe this blog is a place for me to write and share our real life: the good the bad and the ugly. This is the ugly. That being said, even though I think we are on the other side of this, my heart is still a *tad* tender to this subject. I ask that you limit your comments to encouragement only and reserve your advice for your own personal blogs or forums. Thanks for understanding. **)

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