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Fischer, 35 weeks

Dear Fischer,

I think you weigh very close to 6lbs right now. The only thing I can think to compare your weight to this week is a baby. You are still quite a mover and a shaker but I can tell that you are running out of room. And the very unfortunate thing about it all is that mommy is running out of room to give you.

(35 Weeks) (gosh that's a big belly)

Mommy: is starting to be ready to have you on the outside of her rather than the inside. I have heartburn every time I breath, have achy legs, back, and hips, pee every 10 minutes, am tired all the time and am not sleeping too great because of all of the above reasons. I told the doctor I think I will carry you to 40 weeks just like your siblings and I at this point I do not want to induce, but if I am sitting on his table at 40 weeks I might be singing a different song. You've got 5 weeks buddy. 

Daddy: as we speak just landed on his last campaign this Summer from Mexico. He should be here in an hour and will walk in to a very special surprise birthday party that your Sasster has worked very hard on. Get ready, your parties will be incredible if she has anything to say about it.

Sasster: Is getting very very ready to meet you. She just felt you move in my tummy. 

Moosey Brother: is getting very opinionated and continually clingy to mommy. There's a chance he's not going to like you very much at first because you might take away some of his mommy attention. Don't worry about it though, there's enough mommy to go around and I have full confidence you will be the best of friends very very soon.

The Nursery: is basically done. I just keep coming up with new fun little things to add. Hoping to add pics later today. 

I love you. Let the countdown to your Birthday commence!! 


  1. You look great Missy! I can't tell you're exhausted from that smile :) It won't be long now!!!

  2. @Lynds.... thanks! I think it's definitely a "working on a happy heart" smile :)