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Fischer, 37 Weeks

Dear Fischer,

You are now considered a "full-term" baby! Congratulations! You probably weigh between 6 and 7 pounds right now. It feels like you weigh as much as small camel. You are still moving a lot but as of yesterday were still head down. Let's just keep it that way.

(37 Weeks)

Mommy: Is pretty much ready to not be pregnant anymore. And I'm making everyone around me ready for me not to be pregnant anymore too. I am nesting like a crazy person, am emotional, irrational, illogical, and irritable. I have Braxton Hicks contractions if I breath wrong, but  they aren't really doing anything other than making me miserable. Also, I am melting. Because the heat is so out of control hot right now. You and I are basically surviving on popcicles (and a little bit of water too). As uncomfortable as we both are (yes, I havn't forgotten you are running out of room either), I would really like for you to stay put until after 5 am next Friday July 6th.....that's when our fancy schmancy new hospital opens.

Daddy: Has incredible patience. He loves you and your siblings so much and he loves mommy even more. He serves me so well and does so much to help! I think he also holds his tongue quite a long when mommy asks him to do crazy things like rearranging furniture 30 minutes before bedtime. He also helps cook, keeps up with your brother and sister, rubs mommy's back, and continues to do everything he needs to do on a regular basis working so hard. 

** he has been telling a funny joke to people who comment on your and Shepherd's names being similar: He says if we ever have another boy after you, we are going to name him "Thesi" short for Anesthesiologist. (Just be glad you were born 3rd.)

The Big Sasster: I think is starting to realize that it's not going to be long till you are here. She is "acting out" a little bit emotionally and getting a little clingier to mommy. She typically does this when she senses a big change coming. 

The Moose: Is in his own world. He doesn't know what's coming!

The Nursery: Ready for you to arrive. We are so blessed with wonderful friends who celebrated you and blessed us with wonderful gifts!

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