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Hide Em In Your Heart (And Away From Your Kids)

I would like to affectionately dedicate this post to my dad. (hehe).

I got the best surprise in the mail this past week from my favorite twin sister. Really. The Best. Just because. Just because surprises really are the best, aren't they?

After realizing I hadn't checked the mail that day, I went to the mailbox at about 9:00 on Tuesday night and THIS is what was in it:


This CD, well actually it wasn't a CD back then, this TAPE, has a very very special soft cozy place in my childhood. Over and Over my mother would play this tape. Over and over I would sing these songs. Because of this Tape, I learned memory verses (and won awards at VBS) and to this day still sing these songs whenever I come across one of the verses.

Now, yall, if I were to come across this CD as an adult and did not have that very very special soft cozy place in my heart for this music, I might just choke and gag on the cheeeese. But the truth is, I do have a very very special soft cozy place in my heart for this music. And always will. And so will my kids if Aunt Sassy and I have anything to do with it. 

But there is a chance that creating that very very special soft cozy place in my children's heart for this CD will come back to bite me in the butt........

I should know. Because of the day the Lord used me to sing scripture into my Father's life. 

We were at a Texaco. Kids in the back seat, parents in the front. And a car comes up behind us, parks and has the audacity to leave their bright lights on shining into our car while the driver of said vehicle went inside to the convenience store. 

Irritating as this was, it apparently infuriated my dad. So when the driver came back out, my dad decided that the best course of action was to drive around and park behind this car shining his brights into his back window before heading into the store himself.

When he got back in the car, without a premeditated plan, his sweet, God-fearing children began singing this song to their father:


Parenting is sanctifying, isn't it?

(I can just see my dad plotting his "what goes around comes around" speech for me when the Sasster tries something like this on me.....It's ok, Dad, I know it's coming).

(By the way, Joel if you are reading this, Cassie was going to send you a copy as well but you did not get her your address in time.)


  1. Oh. Wow. I need one. I still sing "when I am afraid" when it's dark and quiet at creepy and I'm by myself.

  2. Oh my gosh, we definitely had that tape too! I think I probably still remember all the songs!

  3. Oh my gosh, we definitely had that tape growing up. I think I still remember all the songs!

  4. We have both cds and DVDs for our kids, and I didn't have them when I was young. Such is my tolerance of cheese when it comes to scripture in song. And also I love ol' what's his name. You can borrow them if you want! :) (But first you have to give back Downton)

  5. @Ashley, I will get you a copy
    @Jenn, I'll get you a copy as well
    @Adrienne, I'll take you up on it! I've never heard the 2nd volume.