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The Hospital Tour

Before I talk about the hospital tour, there are a few things I need to get off my chest:

1. Shepherd officially decided to start clapping. I knew he was capable of it a long time ago but he has finally decided he wants to. So he walks through the house clapping to his own rhythm.

2. Kyle got a nasty sunburn in Mexico (along with a crazy stomach bug). His scalp and neck are peeling something awful right now and I find it amusing. (The massive flakes in his hair, not the burn or the bug).

3. I had to sort through my maternity clothes making a pile for the ones I can no longer wear anymore. You know you are huge when the ones you can't wear far outnumber the ones you can.

Last night, Kyle and I toured what we hope will be the birthplace of #3, the new Baylor Hospital in McKinney. It is scheduled to open at 5am on July 6th.


Let me just tell you. Let me tell you ALL about it.

First of all, walking in is like walking into the lobby of a fancy schmancey modern, contemporary hotel. It is beautiful. Because it hasn't opened yet, we were able to tour all of the NICU rooms, and even got to see inside a C-section room and recovery. Here are some of my favorite highlights we found out from the tour:

  • Top notch security. And their goal is that the baby is with you for everything. All tests that have historically taken baby away from mom to the nursery to be performed will be completed in the room with mom. (Not that I am opposed to sending baby to the nursery for a little sleep, but I have never felt completely comfortable when the nurse comes to take my baby away from me.)
  • In the L&D rooms, there is temperature control, MP3 hookup connected to speakers in the room, DVD player, large, stone/tile bathrooms including a shower with back-jets, large spacious rooms, a bed with tempurpedic mattresses, and maybe more. 
  • When you get to your post-partum room (just down the hall), they give you a robe and slippers....like at a spa. 
  • 2:00-4:00 is quiet time (yeah, the brochure actually calls it "cuddle time") which basically means no one is allowed to come to your room for tests, or birth certificates, or anything (you CAN still have visitors even though it is discouraged). At the end of "cuddle time", every day at 4:00, they will deliver hot, homemade chocolate chip cookies to your room. (this is the point in the tour with I screeched out loud "are you serious??". She was. She is. )
  • You don't have the scheduled meals like typical hospitals. You order off of a restaurant-style menu whenever you want to eat. And instead of them giving you a "fancy" salibury steak dinner on your last night, they give some kind of comfort meal to take home and cook at at your leisure. 
  • All of the nurses they have hired have at least 5 years experience nursing in LDR. This answers one of our biggest concerns because we know that delivering at a new hospital means working out kinks. And to be honest, I don't know if we would do it if this were our 1st baby. 
  • And then....just when I was overwhelmed at the wonderful ridiculousness of all of this, I was reading the brochure on the way home and saw this:

No. I'm not making any of this up. 

Crazy, right? 

If it weren't for the pain and trauma to my body in addition to the lack of sleep accompanied with this life change, you would think I was describing a spa! It is all a little ridiculous but I have to say I'm pretty excited about it. We already feel so blessed with how the Lord has provided for this sweet boy and ultimately we don't really care where he is born as long as it is safe and helps us deliver a healthy baby......but it's going to be pretty cool if we deliver here!!

You can see some pictures here. And watch a little mini tour before things were completed here:


So pray for Fischer to wait until after 5am on the 6th! Otherwise feel free to comment below for when you would like to sign up to bring me homemade cookies or come and give me a manicure just in case. :-)

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