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38.45 List

1. It's called a 38.45 list because I am 38 weeks, 4 and a half days pregnant.

2. Yes,  I'm still pregnant. I've said all along I think I'll see 40 weeks. But when I said that, I forgot how miserable these last couple weeks are.

3. Yesterday, the sasster came out of her room to ask if rest time was over.

I told her "no it is not, you still have 30 minutes."

She said, "Oh, ok. Well could you hold these cupcakes for me until its over?" and she handed me a whole package of mini cupcakes that she had confiscated from the kitchen at some time before when I wasn't looking. 

"Sure, why I don't I just put these in the kitchen?"

"That's a great idea!!"

"Thanks. I thought so."

4. I've been bouncing on my yoga ball. Not because I think it will do anything to induce labor (I'm going to be pregnant forever), but because it feels so much better than sitting anywhere else.

5. I've been having painful contractions for about a week now. Don't get too excited. They are a tease. A mean, painful tease. Nothing regular and they raise your hopes only to crush them in the depths of impatience.

6. When I load the dishwasher, I always organize all the forks together in one part of the basket, spoons in another, knives, etc.... It makes me happy. SBOAM even does it. That makes me happy too.

Also, I don't worry about the spooning because we all know you have to wash dishes before you put them in the dishwasher anyway. It's just to sanitize them.

I should probably go load the dishwasher.


7. I got my haircut on Friday! So glad to have a cute, short style before Fischer is here and I don't have the mental or emotional capacity to make important decisions like hair-care.

8. Tonight we are having a few friends over to grill hotdogs and watch the Homerun Derby.

9. If you read this list, you are probably really bored.

10. But I love you for it!


  1. Nope! Not bored - just hoping for an update without having to bug you (bc I know how hard it is to keep saying, "yes, I'm STILL having contractions and yes, I'm STILL pregnant" over and over).

    On the plus side, you made it to the beginning of the week, so that means you'll be getting warm cookies and milk from the fancy-schmancy new hospital!! Yippee!! :D

  2. You're going to have to change #8... :)

  3. @Melanie - thanks!

    @Jen - don't you worry....a whole new post is on its way in the near future.