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Fischer, 38 Weeks

Dear Fischer,

Today we are 38 weeks along. It hasn't been the most fun week. Last Friday, we blissfully floated in the pool and blisterly suffered the awful pain of sunburn for the next 3 days because I forgot to re-apply sunscreen. Not so fun.

I'm guessing you weigh somewhere in the 7lb range. We went to the doctor today and your heart-rate was 138, which is good and mommy is measuring 37 cm. Even though it's a cm behind your gestational age, it is still normal and is exactly how things were with your Sasster and brother.

Mommy: is not feeling too hot. Actually I'm smoltering and melting it is so hot, but I'm not feeling super great. What I thought was a tummy bug turned out to be some pre-labor symptoms and contractions. Even though I've been having contractions for months, these are different, more frequent and hurt a lot more. I never reached this point with either of your siblings before they were induced so I didn't recognize this kind of pain. They are still irregular and we could continue like this for a little while still. I am drinking lots and lots of water so that dehydration is not a contributing problem because it can make the irregular contractions worse.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my haircut and a massage and then mommy and daddy have a date night to celebrate my birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary (a little early for both of them!).

Dr. Pierce also said that if we go into labor over the weekend, he would still send us to deliver at the old hospital. He wants to see a few kinks worked out over these first few days of being open and he said that if it were his wife/sister/etc.... he would not be comfortable with her delivering at the new fancy schmancey hospital just yet. He is hopeful that they just need a few days to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be and that by next week things will be smooth sailing. You want to know how I feel about that?? JUST FINE. seriously. I reached a point these past couple days of it just not mattering where you are born as long as it is safe and you are ok and preferably that I get my epidural quickly. I am just so excited to meet you and ready for you to be here. (And my friends can bring me cookies *cough*cough*nudge*nudge*ahem*).

SBOAD: is just that..... a Studly Beast of a Daddy. He is helping mommy so much! He and mommy came up with a "Plan B" in case the epidural doesn't work to help mommy when she is in a lot of pain so I don't panic. (We also have a "Plan C" in case of Emergency C-Section :).

The Sasster: has been wonderful. She is getting so ready to meet you and has been a really big helper for little things for mommy lately.

The Moose: has been cranky and only has eyes for your daddy. He started a new "game" where he throws his lovey out of his crib every nap time and then gets mad that he doesn't have it to sleep with. Unfortunately for him, mommy and daddy are choosing not to play this game and he is going to have to learn to not throw it out. I think he and your sasster can both sense the upcoming change of your arrival and are being a little bit clingier than usual because of it.

We are getting excited to meet you, little one! Hopefully it is sooner rather than later!!

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