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The Great Poop Explosion of 2012

***Disclaimer, I talk a lot about poop in the post

I was sorting the laundry.

Shepherd and Laura Kate were watching a Baby Einstein.

But that's not all Shepherd was doing.

A few minutes into sorting, Shepherd came in to help me with the sorting. He likes to "help" with this sort of thing (hence me trying to distract with Baby Einstein). I saw in his hand a little purple baby doll comb he had been carrying around like a prized possession all morning.

I didn't think anything of it, I just kept sorting. (There was a lot)

He came in and out of the room a few times and finally after finishing sorting, I reached down to pull him away from the clean piles so he wouldn't make his own piles. When I picked him up, I felt on my arm that his pants were wet and I thought, "uh oh, he must have leaked out."

I took him to the changing table and laid him down.

And y'all. Oh y'all.

The first thing I saw was the poop on his left foot. I knew we were in trouble.

I pulled off his little elmo pajama pants and all down his left leg, was all the poop in the world.

I opened up his diaper and the lack of poop in the diaper was very concerning.

And then, I look up to his little hands.

Holding the purple baby doll comb.

That he had obviously found useful when his leg was itching from all to poop.

To reach down his little pants and scratch with.


There was poop on his hands.

On his face.




Normally, 5 steps earlier I would have screamed for Kyle. But Kyle was not home.

I wiped off as much as I could and marched the happy little toocus to the bathtub to completely scrub him down. Then, when he was all clean, I turned to grab his towel and as I did I heard a happy sound of delight come from my little moose and I looked in the tub and saw that he had pooped again!!


I rescued him from his own filth, once again, and washed him down in the sink, wrapped him in swaddling cloths and lay him in a manger.

I threw everything away. Even his elmo jammies, purple baby doll comb, everything.

Then I lysoled like I have never lysoled before.

Kyle walked in the door 5 minutes later.

He offered to clean the bathtub.

I think I'll let him.


In honor of this occasion, I would like to serenade us with this song to remind us all of the importance of our poo (Joel and Geoffrey, this is for you):


  1. Oh Carrie...I am so sorry to laugh so hard at this post!!! Bless your poor pregger heart!!! What was Miss LK doing during all of this? Was there poop all over the house from his journey to help sort laundry? I really do enjoy your blog posts!! They make my "normal" days seem ummm more normal!! love you friend!


  2. Bahahaha! I had to read this out loud to Brandon, it was so good! Like La'Cee said, bless your poor pregger heart though! *hugs*

  3. @La'Cee - it's ok, I've been laughing all day too. LK was actually oblivious and kept incessantly asking me to help her cut out and color tiaras.

    @Melanie - just you wait, my friend. Just you wait. Your girl will be eating solid foods before you know it and the whole game changes. :-)

  4. Oh LK!!! I am loving that she was just in her own little world during the whole ordeal!!