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Congratulations on Surviving

Overall, I feel I have been doing a decent job and not expecting too much from myself during this season with #3.

I have accepted the fact that I probably won't be caught up on my laundry (or figure out how to keep it caught up) for weeks.

I have learned to live with the idea of dishes sitting in the sink for longer than is probably even sanitary.

I have decided to give myself and my kids grace for moments like this:

or this

But up until yesterday, I admit that I was still loosely holding onto some simple expectations in my day.

Like keeping the toys in the den fairly picked up.

Or cleaning off the moose's high chair once a day.

Heck, even showering/bathing once a day.

After yesterday, I dropped any expectation whatsoever that goes beyond actually surviving.

It had already been a day with the Sasster. I don't think I have to explain further what that means but just in case you don't know what a day with her looks like, you can read about this one. I came out of my room to find that Sassy Pants had already come out of her room and made herself quite at home all by herself in the kitchen. 

This is what I walked into my kitchen to find:


Yes. She sure did stack those chairs all by herself. And Yes.  She sure did climb up them on top of the refrigerator to get down her new dance shoes that I was hiding from her. All be herself. Yes. She. Did.

"OH. MY. GOSH, LAURA KATE!!!! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH YOU???" (I forgot about the grace part in that moment).

"I don't know Mommy. I'm so sorry. But look at my new dance I just made up." She proceeded to dance circles around me in her new ballet slippers as I stood completely flabbergasted.  

I laid in bed last night and congratulated myself that all of the humans in my care were in fact breathing.  That is my new standard: breathing. 

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