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Dear Fischer (Month One)

Dear Fischer,

From the moment I knew you were growing inside of me, I started begging the Lord for your life. For 40 and a half weeks, I prayed and asked that He would knit you together perfectly, that He would breathe life into your multiplying cells and that he would save your soul. One month ago, I begged the Lord for your life, that he would deliver you into my arms, that I would have the privilege of knowing you and raising you. Every day for the past month, I have looked into your sweet eyes and thanked the Lord for you and begged Him again for your life, that he would save you. And from now on, every day, I will pray that you would know the life-giver. That you would really know Him. That you would know him and serve him and love him. 

The past month, though a hard one, has been a testimony of the Lord's faithfulness to create LIFE. It's easy in the moments of tummy aches, transitions, sleepless nights, and tears to lose perspective of the joy that comes from the sweet fellowship with our maker. Your short life, Fischer Knox, has been a testimony and reminder deep deep down in my soul of the Lord's continued love and faithfulness to me. I have learned that the most important word in my vocabulary right now is GRACE. And I pray, my sweet, fussy, gassy, squeaky, bright-eyed boy, that you would learn to to mark your days by his faithfulness and that you too would learn to move with the rhythms of His grace. 

- You weigh 11lbs 3oz (90%) and are 22.5 inches tall (90%).
- You are wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes
- You like to eat every 2.5-3 hours 
- Most nights you make it 4 hours between feedings. Some nights its 5. Last night, you lasted 6. 
- Your favorite awake-time activity is watching the mobile in your crib. 
- The hiccups plague you constantly (in addition to reflux and gassy-ness).
- You have started to smile occasionally 
- We have started you on a bottle, but you really only like it when mommy gives it to you.

We love you so much, Fischer. Our family is so blessed to have you as our fifth addition. 


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