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Fischer is Two Weeks!

Dear Fischer,

My little squeaky baby... Oh, how I am enjoying snuggling you. As tired as I am and as hard as the past two weeks have been, nothing can take away from the joy I feel at getting to know you, my sweet third baby.On Friday you weighed 8lbs 11oz (75%) and were 21 inches long(90%). (I'm pretty sure they got your height wrong in the hospital because the nurse had to stretch it to get 21 inches on Friday. My guess is that you were probably 20.5 inches when you were born just like your siblings).
  • You sure do like to eat and it is looking like you will be another fast nurser just like your older siblings. You are eating every 2-3 hours, sometimes 4 at night.
  • You are already out of newborn diapers and just barely fitting in the newborn clothes. You are getting too big too fast!!
  • Unfortunately, we are already dealing with some reflux. Dr. G gave us some medicine to try and I think it is already making a slight difference. I am hopeful it will help give you some relief. One of the biggest symptoms of the reflux is nasal congestion which I didn't know was connected with refux until we saw the doctor on Friday. You also make this gaggy/choking noise that is also associated with reflux. 
  • Dr. G had to cauterize your umbilical cord with silver nitrate because it was still oozing a little bit. You did not like that very much.
  • We went back to the hospital to have your second PKU heel prick done (because Dr. G doesn't do that test in his office). 
  • You also have some crazy diaper rash starting. Poor buddy.... we are going to get a handle on all of this to help you feel a little bit better.
  • You don't quite know what to do with your sasster but she sure does love you. She can't wait to hold you and kiss you and she talks about you and asks about you non-stop. You remind me so much of her when she was a baby. 
  • I have full faith that one day your brother and you will be the best of friends but that day is not going to happen any time soon. I am so sorry he pushed your face away from him and that he gets so jealous when daddy holds you. He will come around one day....promise. 
  • Your daddy loves you so much and is so excited that you are here. I love to watch him hold you. You look so teeny tiny compared to his big muscles!
  • Today was your first time at church and you spent half the time in your car seat and the other half sleeping snuggled up to mommy.
  • You have fuzzy, old man hair, and I think you are so cute! You have the funniest expressions. 
I am so looking forward to watching you grow and we are so glad you are here and healthy! We love you so much!

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