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Fischer Meets the Great Outdoors

My husband sent me this text this morning:

And I made a split second decision that we were all going to go outside and enjoy it. I even went and got Fischer out of his bed where he was napping and transferred him to the stroller. I had to. Because other than getting in and out of the car, Fischer has never been outside before. That's the price you pay when you are born in the middle of a million degree weather. But this morning, it was just short of lovely.

See? Less than 80 Degrees!

The Sasster was pretty excited to bring brother outside.

Even the Moose wanted to help with brother's stroller.

What is going on? What is this place?

Wow! It's so big and bright!

Oh my goodness, this is wonderful!

This is almost too much for me! ah!

Look mommy! I found a puddle!

Splash! Splash!

Look Mommy! I found a driveway to dance in!

Waaaaahhhh!!!! Take me back outside!!!


  1. No good deed goes unpunished! I'm impressed that not only did you get to go for a stroll, you also managed to caption and post pictures this soon!!! WOW!