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Today, A List

1. I had an incredible friend keep #1 and #2 for me during the day.

2. I napped and showered and went to Target. Amen.

3. I am feeling a lot better from the wicked Mastitis. Praise the Lord for good antibiotics. And Advil.

4. This happened. And I fell a little more in love with each of them.

5. At church tonight, the Sasster grabbed Shepherd by his shirt and dragged him on his tummy across the carpet. I was running at her, holding Fischer, yelling at her to stop. She did not until the SBOAM caught up with her and took care of things. Someone needs to tell that girl's parents to get a handle on things. Poor Moose.

6. At 10:15 tonight, only one of my babies was asleep. The other two were screaming in their beds. I'll let you figure out which was which.

7. I am finally starting to feel like myself a little bit. Starting to see the foggy light through the haze. I noticed it when I started longing for routine today. It's all coming back, coming back to me now. Baby, Baby, Baby.

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