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Dear Fischer (Two Months)

Dear Fischer,

Life is hard sometimes. I can imagine that to your little body, all this reflux feels pretty bad. It's hard on you and it's hard on Mama. I do not like seeing you hurt and I wish I could take it away. But here's the beautiful truth of it all: God purposes the hard things for good. In fact he allows them for the best reason of all....it points us to Him. How amazing that when you are only two months old, he is already purposing your life to need Him. That's a good reminder for those of us who have been around a lot longer. Life is hard so that we need HIM. Rest assured my sweet one, that although you are too young to go to him on your own for life's hardships, you have a Mommy and a Daddy who are desperately seeking Him on your behalf. We pray that you will learn to trust Him in all things: good and bad; easy and hard. And our greatest prayer is that you would know Him and serve Him and love Him all the days of your life.

- you weigh 14.6 lbs (82%) and are 24.5 inches tall(95%)
- you wear size 2 diapers and 0-3 and some 3-6 month clothes
- you are sleeping on average 4.5 - 6 hours at night
- you love to watch your mobile in your crib
- you are in love with me. Seriously. You coo and smile at me all the time. And my name is mush.
- reflux sucks
- we are having to start neck stretches with you because you are favoring turning to one side more than the other.  Praying The Lord heals you of this so we don't have to get a helmet.

The more I get to know your sweet personality, the more I see how perfectly you were made for our family. I love you, my littlest one and am so thankful for you.


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