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Ten Things

1. The Wiley's celebrated the beginning of Fall last week! We do this every year at the start of September. Typically this involves lighting our Fall candle, getting out the Fall decor, and praying over the season. This year was really special. While we did all of the above, it was accompanied by three screaming children. Ah, memories!

2. Last week Fischer slept 6-8 hours every night! Praise the Lord, I can live on that!!

3. Monday I went grocery shopping with all three. Yeah buddy. Not only did I survive, but I came in under budget and we only had one major meltdown (all 3 were crying at checkout, but really it just made them check us out faster). I'm pretty proud of myself. 

**By the way, this is also the first picture I have of all 3 of my children in the same shot.

4. The Sasster is doing brilliantly in school. I probably shouldn't be as surprised as I am, but she is getting her hand stamped every day for good behavior and listening and following directions!. 

5. Sassy Pants also started dance back up a few weeks ago.....and she is also doing extremely well. Much better than last time. Last Friday, her teacher came over to me in the middle of class to brag on her and tell me how beautiful her demi-plies were. And to top it off, she hasn't licked the dance mirror once!

6. I would ask, "who is this kid"?, but on Monday when getting in the car to go to the store, she reminded me just who she is.... I asked her to get in her seat and buckle her seatbelt and when she did not, I gave her the choice of having a reminder or buckling up. Her response to me in the sassiest voice I have ever heard from her lips were: "Or we could just not go"...... Excuse me. Are you 4 or 14? 

7. My little moose has been recovering from his second double ear infection in 3 months. Poor buddy. Add that to his picky eating and he has not been the happiest camper. Gosh he's still so cute though.

8. Look what I did....

9. This is me when I was a baby....see a little Shepherd Andrew in there??

And who does this sassy look remind you of?

See? My children do look like me after all!!

10. Life without Jesus is like a donut. Like a donut. Like a donut. Life without Jesus, is like a donut. Cause there's a hole in the middle of your heart. (You're welcome for putting that in your head all day). 

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